Thursday, June 27, 2013

-Hacked by my teenaged son

Hello, my name is Luke Hillerson. I happen to be the teenaged son of Nicole Haisley, 36 year old divorcee and self-titled philosopher. I don't have an incredible amount of things to type, but I figured that I would take the opportunity of an open blog page sitting in front of me in the living-room. As a result of growing up with an interesting duck like my mother Nicole, I've learned a few tips about mothers to share with anyone willing to read. Next to me I have Sami Watkins, and together we've compiled a list of things to avoid when dealing with the key "female-authority figure" in anyone's given life.

-Making a Mess
I've had a difficult time with this throughout my life, being a forgetful individual by nature. If you end up making a mess, just blame it on someone else, and make sure that the lie is nearly untraceable.

-Talking About Chicks
Mother's don't like to hear this stuff, and frankly us teenagers don't like to hear about their love interests either. If you're looking for an uncomfortable conversation, by all means, go for it.

Now this one is give and take, because my mother doesn't have any particular irritation with cussing, as long as it's in moderation and not in front of the little ones. Make your own judgement calls.

-Picking on Younger Siblings
Unfortunately, every one of us is programmed to do this at one point or another. Just make sure to do it while they're not at home, or you could be looking at the big-ring hand coming right at you.

-Messing with their Stuff
The blog I'm writing hopefully slaps you in the face with irony on this topic

-Being a Sloth
For some reason, mothers find it that it's not in our right as human beings to lay around and eat chips all day on the couch. When you find the logical arguement to this, let me know. I've been attempting to figure it out for years.

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