Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All that for a coffee?!

Chandler is terrified of Scheels. Unfortunately, Scheels is a sporting goods store on a main street where I live. It is a massive, looming sporting goods store that sits just north of where I turn to go to Caribou Coffee.   Today, he was quietly sitting in the bucket seat of the suburban behind me and to the right. At the stoplight, almost there. In the rearview mirror, I saw, in slow motion, the transformation of his expression. Complacent and calm to horrified, panicked....he opened his mouth and that fire alarm scream came out mixed with the beginning of meltdown noises and tears. I was in the left hand lane, with a RED RED arrow...I kept repeating "We are NOT going to Scheels. Mom wants COFFEE. COFFEE." at a volume over his screeching. His brothers in the back seat, one of them with his hands over his face, the other with eyes as wide as saucers. He began to shift the door handle furiously, and when that didn't work, down went the electric window. Yes, that's right. He was willing to climb out the window of my vehicle to escape his nightmare store that we weren't going to. I instinctively reached over to stop him, pleading with him to shut the window as the wind is sending snow into the car. I may have injured my shoulder trying to do this. GREEN ARROW. I floored it. He began to slow the panic as we passed Scheels and got further down the side blocks to a more residential looking area, rounding the corner to where Caribou sits. I ordered in the drive through, and my heart slowed down as I was waiting for my extra hot, quad shot, skim, holiday peppermint mocha with white chocolate, non fat whip, extra beans...I pointed to the sign and reiterated to him "COFFEE"...and he was smiling, and bouncing up and down in his chair, quietly repeating "coffee....coff..eee"....Was it worth it? For that first sip.....Caffeine seeping into my bloodstream....tears from my eyes...never a  dull moment...

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