Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friends and Family night

When you have kids, there is always an activity that includes friends and family night! That means grandpa Bob comes to the pottery class, or grandma Joyce comes to play frisbee in Sports Sampler class, and the stay at home moms bring dad along and other toddling children with sippy cups who are squealing at their older siblings. I bring Chandler. While the other families play together, I sit on the side of the gym while Chandler spins around on the floor, his track pants allowing him to spin as fast as his arms can twirl him in a circle. Tonight for my 4 and 5 year old's sports class, the class party included pizza, and a (oh god) bouncy house. Chandler lit up like Christmas, and looked expectantly at me, gesturing with his hand over and over again. Tears were sitting there in my eyes, ready to fall as I told him, no baby, you're too big. He doesn't meltdown like he used to, now he looks sad, and that breaks my heart far worse than meltdowns. I saw some other siblings allowed to jump during pizza time, and a pony tailed volunteer helper coach said Chandler could play. (Thank you Jesus) his world was complete tonight. After he tired himself out jumping and laughing, I saw him go to the side of the inflatable castle and put his fingers up on the mesh, hooking them there, and staring out at the other kids running wild across the gym floor, their little giggles echoing wall to wall. When the bouncy house time was over, he sat again on the side of the gym with me while the boys played "shark". Elliott took his brothers hand, and said "Come on Chandler, let's run." And they did. All the way to the other side of the gym and back. After that, all of a sudden, he was comfortable enough to spin, to run, and even at a full foot taller than the kindergartners playing, he was thrilled. I was thrilled. Family night indeed. Thank you Elliott. It's never the same to have your mom encouraging you to run across the gym with other children. At 5 years old, I can't tell you how much I need you, but one day you will read this and know.

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