Friday, September 10, 2010

My angels....

Today was beautiful. With a rough start, and a never ending pile of garbage falling on me-windy, rainy weather, yawning errands, crabby children, household chaos, unwritten papers for school, grocery lists getting longer, a strep throat stricken spouse, and creeping, sneaking exhaustion...for me a typical Friday. Most people are posting TGIF, and planning Friday night happy hour trips, or movie dates....ah the good life, right? Well, my "good life" was the return of support group. September through May, one friday a month,  I get to sit around for two hours with fellow parents of children on the spectrum while wonderful volunteers chase after my children. I can cry, vent, laugh, or just sit there in silence. One year ago, I was very alone. I had people to talk to, but the bond of truly understanding was something I desperately waited for and it never came. I prayed and prayed for angels to help me, and I got them. Amanda. My sweet, tender-hearted, friend who has an eye for beauty in nature and an empathy for humanity that I admire. Kate. My strong, fiery, and hilarious friend, who has the energy of 6 moms, and the ability to laugh when life is unbearable. Kristin. My passionate, artistic friend, who has a spiritual side that allows me to look deeper within myself. Christine. My wise and witty friend who can make peace with the tough things in life, and teaches me to do things with grace. If you didn't know it, you have brought something to my life that I was missing. My Chandler, who the world says is missing a piece (or as I prefer to say, has an extra piece) of the puzzle, was not missing nearly the pieces that I was. Chandler was the angel who led me to the rest of you. My journey with him has given me friendships to cherish and has brought more meaning into my life than I ever imagined I would be blessed with. As our group will widen and we will bring more amazing people into this circle, I feel more confident, more at peace, and stronger than ever. We can change our lives, our families, and our communities by joining together for the same purpose. I love you all.


  1. I'm glad you found the support we all so desperately need. Have a great weekend.

  2. You are a wise woman; so glad you found the support needed. I'm hoping to find that support here with my blogging. I'm new. Have you?

  3. Absolutely Mel! It's very important to be able to say what we need to say. In blogging there is no one judging you, if there is, I can't see them! All my messages have been of support and hope! I sincerely hope you find that! It makes it possible to get through today!