Sunday, April 22, 2018

Notice me..

Everyone notices you. In both positive and negative ways . I used to be so afraid that people would notice, I wanted you to be like all the other kids. To play the “right way” at the park, to make little to no noise in the store. My motto was get in, get out, don’t be noticed. That was success. This weekend your little brother turned 11 and he wanted a hotel party next to the pool. I saw people notice you. I wanted them to. You climbed into the hot tub and delighted in the warmth, you felt the bubbles between your fingers and smiled at how beautiful the sunshine was coming in through the ceiling windows. You watched your cousins and brothers throw colorful beach balls and you made happy sounds. I knelt down next to the curious dad and his daughters and simply said “Chandler has autism, and he likes to take over the hot tub. Let me know if he gets too friendly.”  You are to be noticed. You are so handsome. You radiate joy and wonder. People are taken by your smile and your presence. One thing I never wanted now makes me smile. Rattled nerves are now calm education. I welcome questions, I love to tell people how gentle and kind you are, how you may not say much to strangers yet you are so gifted in reading people. I still hate when people say “He doesn’t look like he has autism”...but now I laugh and say “Well, yeah, it’s impossible to see his brain so..”  Young man, you have changed the way I approach people and situations, the way I perceive stares, and most importantly the way I respond ( with grace) to questions. Notice my handsome son, notice his balance, his energy,..notice his abilities, notice his quick peripheral vision, notice his engaging smile, and notice that he loves life without a care in the world and we have much to learn from him..❤️

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