Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another short rant about food....

Chandler. Why don't you like more things? Why is it that I bought your favorite "Fat Emma" cookies, the puffy, sugary goodness ones with three layers of frosting and sprinkles, but this time they are in the shape of stars with BLUE frosting for the holidays and you won't eat them?!! You pick one up, smell it, nibble one corner and set it down on the table with your eyebrows furrowed and a slight look of fear. ITS THE SAME. THE SAME. I know, not your same. Not autism "same". YOU brought me the pudding tonight. The chocolate snack pack that I haven't bought for months because you quit eating them, and I open it for you and get a spoon, all excited that you want it. You take one bite, and then wipe most of it out of your mouth with your shirt, looking at me like you are irritated that I didn't tell you it wasn't what you were expecting. Now you have a dot of chocolate pudding on the end of your nose, and a big smear of it near your shoulder. And you simply say "No." and walk upstairs. I sink into the couch for the eleventh time today, see the dog licking the crumbs from the star cookie off the floor, and put my head in my hands.

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