Monday, May 7, 2012

Carrots must stay across the room and the super moon!

This blog will be short. Moments last week were fleeting and bizarre. Full moons always made Chandler go sideways, or at least get amped up. Some things are funny, like when he stood in the way of anyone viewing the T.V and when we said "Move", he would yell "Hush!" He doesn't often tease, but when he does, its smirky and twinkly eyed and I adore it. Then food therapy, which is maddening, like trying to pour syrup in a blizzard, was more hideous than normal. This time she brought in cubed, cooked carrots (this is where I laugh and roll my eyes, but love her for trying), and Chandler screamed and made them stay on the plate across the room and across the WHOLE room only. But he sang more than normal (like when he flung open my bedroom door and yelled "We like to sing!" in Elmo's voice, and said more words than normal. You take the good with the bad, and I loved super moon. It was like the Christmas episode of your favorite sitcom, heartwarming and quirky. Just a little extended version of autism.

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