Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Zen Sprinkler

I have some advice. I'm sure you have heard this before. Slow down. No matter how busy you are, no matter how many things you are doing (appointments, blogging, therapy, dinner...) just stop for a second to watch your child. I have watched Chandler playing in the sprinkler countless times. He's making happy noises, wandering around it, and stopping to stand in it. I was picking up toys in the yard today (remember my advice?) and out of the corner of my eye I see him staring into the water. My brain races...(absent seizures are so common in autism)...wait...I crouch down to where he is and stare too. My eyes take in what I'm looking at. AHHHH. I see it! I know why you DO this! The water from this height looks like snow, or tiny glass beads falling in a spectacular rain shower. He smiles a tiny smile and puts his head down. When he moves I take his place and put my head down too. When you face down in a small, twirly sprinkler it looks like it's a huge fan that is going to swallow your head, or that you are going down a tunnel. It's very cool. He giggles and bounces around the water again. I see it baby. I see your corner of the world again, for a second. My husband sees me from the lawn chair he has plopped himself in after mowing the lawn. I feel like I should explain to him why I am crouching in the lawn, soaking wet. Wiping sweat from his brow, he says, "You've found your inner autism again." My wry smile lets him know I know that he is teasing me. But yes, I have actually, and these are moments I treasure.

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